Monica is an outstanding yoga instructor and massage therapist. I have connected with her in both roles and I can say without hesitation that she does an excellent job in each of them. We started off in a message therapy modality, and it was only after a while that I finally took her suggestion and began attending her yoga classes. It was an enlightening experience which still continues. I have been practicing yoga with Monica for three months now and she has led me through some fairly intense sessions, but at the same time she was aware of modifications to be made based on my level of experience and physical capabilities. She brings an acute intelligence to her yoga instruction which is greatly informed by her knowledge of meditation, anatomy, and massage techniques. Practicing with Monica has given me the physical benefit if her extensive background in different styles of yoga and her studies with world-class teachers. But even more significant has been receiving the benefit of her great empathy and understanding. The physical improvements I have received from her through both yoga and massage have been matched by the sense of well-being that she imparts.